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2013-05-12 7:48 PM


Subject: Knee Pain--Race on Saturday!

Hi all,


I've been a lurker for awhile and I have my first Olympic tri on the 17th! I was really excited but Monday I was on a run and tweaked something in my knee. It was a group run and I did not get to stretch before hand. I had sharp pain on the outside of my right knee and was unable to walk for about 20 seconds before it felt better and I was able to finish my run. I didn't exercise on Tuesday but swam with no issues, just some tightness/soreness on Weds. Now's its Sunday and the pain has turned into a constant slight ache (maybe just in my head?). I feel pressure in my knee going up and down stairs and in general my knee feels weak. The pain is more centralized than on the right side of knee where I had the initial pain.  

What should I do? I really want to race on Saturday (spent Feb-May training, bought a bike, excited as hell) and I am ok with a bit of pain but I also do not want to ruin my knee more seriously. 



2013-05-13 7:11 AM
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Subject: RE: Knee Pain--Race on Saturday!
What exactly does "tweaked" mean?  Did you twist it?  Did you fall?  Or did it just randomly started hurting?  And where does it hurt?  The "right side" doesn't tell me anything if I don't know which knee is hurting.  Did it swell?  Is it locking or catching?
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2013-05-13 3:59 PM
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Subject: RE: Knee Pain--Race on Saturday!
Sorry for being vague. I saw a doc today and he cleared me to race, apparently my patella may not be tracking well and snapped back into place, causing a small inflammation that has not cleared up. 
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