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2013-06-19 3:51 PM


Subject: Race Wheels for Lake Stevens 70.3?
Recommendations for the need for race wheels for the Lake Stevens 70.3 in July. I have a Cervelo P2 with the wheels that came with but wanted input if race wheels would be helpful.
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2013-06-20 1:29 PM
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Subject: RE: Race Wheels for Lake Stevens 70.3?
808 w/ a disc or 404 w/ disc if you are concerned with handling. 808's or 404's would be fine also. I rode 808's last year and will be riding a set of Enve 6.7's with a disc cover this year.

Speedy Reedy rents race wheels if you need somewhere to get them.
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2013-06-24 9:46 PM
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Subject: RE: Race Wheels for Lake Stevens 70.3?
Last year I ran a 100mm deep front and 50mm rear with a disc cover. Have run 50mm front and rear and 50mm front with 50mm rear with a disc cover and a 40mm front and tri spoke rear at Lk Stevens. Can say I've ever noticed any handling issues with any set up.

Last year it rained and made braking for turns tricky. I over cooked one corner and was lucky to stay up let alone lucky that there was no car in the other lane.

I'm not racing it this year, but if the course stays the same there are lots of rollers and a few climbs. I'd just be sure to run a rear wheel you know climbs well and make sure you have the right gearing. I left my 11/23 cassette on last year by mistake and had to grind up a few hills with lower RPM than what I'd like.
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2013-07-12 5:31 PM
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Subject: RE: Race Wheels for Lake Stevens 70.3?
I rode my road bike last year with stock wheels on it. Think I did fairly well on the bike with the stock setup.

Sure nice wheels will definitely help but the engine still needs to be strong
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2013-07-15 12:10 PM
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Subject: RE: Race Wheels for Lake Stevens 70.3?
Decided to rent some Zipp 404s from Speedy Reedy. Definitely a difference. Of course, I crashed the first day I tried them. Scraped up elbow, knee and hip pretty good but we're going to be ready for SUNDAY!
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