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2013-10-27 8:19 PM

, Georgia
Subject: Running shoe store near Mall of Georgia?
Hey all.

I've been a lurker for some time with brief posts in the past, but I intend on becoming more active in both triathlon training and on this board.

That being said, I need to get fitted for running shoes because the shoes I have now will not serve the purpose very well. I'll be back up Northern Gwinnett County later this week and plan to get it dealt with then since there's nothing down here in Carrollton.

Does anyone know of any stores in the general area that would be able to help an amateur get fitted for shoes?

Thanks for your time in advance.

2013-10-28 6:43 AM
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Subject: RE: Running shoe store near Mall of Georgia?
Head over to Suwanee Town center and visit the Big peach running. They are off Peachtree industrial. Leaving MOG going towards 400 on HWY20.
2013-11-05 2:41 PM
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Vestavia Hills
Subject: RE: Running shoe store near Mall of Georgia?
Times 2 for Big Peach …awesome group of folks who know their stuff and will not throw the latest, most expensive model at you.

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