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2014-07-22 11:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Full Vineman 2014 Triathlon : Official Thread
At this time last year I was getting ready to depart from home towards Santa Rosa on Wednesday. I bet you all are very excited about the upcoming weekend. I want to wish you all the best and safe travels during your trip to Vineman and during the race. I am so excited for you all. Can't wait to read about your races.

Two other perspectives to think about if don't mind me sharing...after getting off the bike it is hard to think now you get to run 26.2 miles. What I did was think about it as having to run 3 laps. I didn't track nor look at how many miles I ran or had left. I merely thought one lap down two more, one more, last lap...done. I don't think I noticed the mile markers until I was returning on the last half of my last lap. The other thing is if you can find someone to run with or walk with who is running your pace do it. It makes the time pass so much faster and you can challenge and support one another.

Have a great race everyone.

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