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2014-08-24 8:11 AM
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Across the river from Memphis, Tennessee
Subject: RE: Clyde/Athena Tri-N-4- Weight Loss Mentor Group -OPEN AGAIN!!
Sunday Update

This started out as an okay week, and Thursday night went right out of the window... I woke up at 2am Friday shivering my butt off. Not sure why, or how, but I'd caught something and was feverish. Did not weigh this morning as my training and diet went out the window.

Swim: Missed monday due to wife's schedule, same for my wednesday backup day. FYI, I'm not complaining at all (if it sounds like it), my wife just happens to be a nurse, works at night, and keeps her schedule flexible to help both the hospital and her paycheck . Even though I felt like I'd been through a meat grinder, I did make it to the Y on friday morning. After 1250yds, and having a hard time breathing, I jumped in the whirlpool to try to relax and called it quits.

Bike: Thurs group ride was fun. Our two heavy hitters showed up, so I knew my keeping up was not going to happen, lol! This guy kept up with Lance Armstrong for most of a ride in Little Rock not too long ago. Lance's group slowed down to 14ish with about ten miles to go. Right about the time that it clicked in that the group has slowed so far, the group stood up and they were gone. No matter what you think of the guy, or what he did, he is just amazing in the saddle. I suggest you look him up on Strava. Some of the Mt Bike pulls that he makes are... just wow... Oh yeah, thurs ride... I kept up with the group for the first couple of miles (23+mph), and we lost our 4th going around a corner. I held up long enough to make sure he was okay, then I tried to reel the other two back in... nope! hehehehe! Our 4th, passed me and caught back up, but I was stuck at about 50yds back for the next 2-3 miles, then I started fading. And the guy that passed me started fading right after that. I caught him, and we paired off for the rest of the ride.

Run: I did manage to get my Sat run from last week in Sunday night. I also managed 2 more short runs on Tue (PM) and Thurs (AM). I'm not sure if it's because the heat has come back, or I was already starting to get sick, but neither run was terribly long, and the Thurs AM run was VERY slow... even for me.

This is my peak week before RiverBluff in Nashville. I'm pretty dead set on keeping today as a rest day since I'm not feeling all that great still (I am at work, and almost a liter of water in as well, though). Tomorrow's swim is up in the air as well since Amy works tonight. I'm hoping I can push my bike and run a little bit , since next week is taper. I'm not worried about the swim distance. The swim is 400m and I've been training at 1000. I am somewhat worried about the start. Thankfully, I don't seem to have open water issues, but this will be my first wave start so... we shall see! I'm hoping for 17mph on the bike in the race. I have avg'd over 18 (once), so I know I can push it. As far as the run... honestly... If I manage to run the entire 3.4mi distance, I'll call it a win. To me, the run is the weakest of the 3 for me at this time and will be my off-season focus.

2 weeks to go!

2014-08-25 7:26 PM
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Subject: RE: Clyde/Athena Tri-N-4- Weight Loss Mentor Group -OPEN AGAIN!!
Web - sounds like a productive week. You should be fine in the water. My biggest mistake was actually starting too far back. I'm not great, but apparently I'm not terrible. Passing people on the swim is much more difficult than the bike or run (not that I pass people in those events!)

CW: 214.2

I am currently training for a half marathon in the fall but prefer triathlon training so I do a lot of multisport/crosstraining.

1x - 1,000 yards - 30 minutes
Didn't make it to the pool as often as I would like. 30 minutes includes rest times. Biggest part of workout was 3x200 at around 1:50 pace

Ran 3x - 14.17 miles - 2.82 hours
Long run of 8 miles yesterday was rough. Heat wasn't too bad but 95% humidity didn't help.

2x - 56.98 miles - 4.66 hours
I signed up for Trainer Road so one session was on the indoor trainer for an hour to establish a baseline. I rode 56.98 (I'm calling it 57 today). I was shooting for 40 miles (my longest ride ever) but realized if I rode to the trailhead instead of drive I could hit 50 miles. Eventually I did the math in the middle of the ride and realized it was going to be closer to 60 miles. Unfortunately I didn't bring enough fuel and decided that discretion is the better part of stupidity and decided not to go for the metric century (100km, 62.1 miles).

71.77 miles
6,531 Calories Burned

Diet - My diet this week was solid. Saturday is usually the night I splurge and I went ahead with Thai food and some wine. The rest of the week went well.

I have a rough week coming up that will require me to work in the shop (of course this is the hottest week of the summer). I am hoping to get 3-4 runs in and at least 2 bike sessions. My goal is 2 pounds for the week.

I am really looking forward to being done with running so I can focus on biking, which I enjoy more.
2014-08-26 12:20 PM
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Arlington Heights, Illinois
Subject: RE: Clyde/Athena Tri-N-4- Weight Loss Mentor Group -OPEN AGAIN!!
Well I am keeping my wetsuit. I dropped about 6 lbs and it feeling better plus I did not do shoulder for a few days so my shoulders are not really sore to begin with.
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