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2017-09-21 9:59 AM
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Middle River, Maryland
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Subject: RE: Beer Drinker Appreciation Society (BDAS)--OPEN

Originally posted by bulfrog
Originally posted by ligersandtions

So I finally got my 70.3 WC race report finished....it's wordy, as per usual (though I provided a Cliffs Notes version!), but if you're interested, it's here: http://beginnertriathlete.com/discussion/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=548640&posts=1#M5228333 

Great read, and congratulations on your race.

+1, especially considering the $hit$how that led up to it. 

2017-09-22 11:44 AM
in reply to: jmhpsu93

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Baltimore, Maryland
Subject: RE: Beer Drinker Appreciation Society (BDAS)--OPEN
This week has exhausted me but in a good way, as I am getting back into eating well and have had some good workouts.

Masters practice this morning. It was a rough one. Main set was 4x50 super fast, 3x100 fast, and then a 300 fast. I died as per usual b/c swimming once a week doesn't give you great endurance. We then did a 500 time trial which I was embarrassingly slow and got lapped by the people in my lane (which certainly added to my slowness, having to stop twice).

The last few weeks we have been working on some butterfly drills at the end of practice (all dolphin kick stuff, practicing the motion and breathing and underwater stroke), and each time he said we would get to do some butterfly. Today we actually did! One 25 of it, lol. I'm likely not going to pracitce the next two Fridays since I have races the next two Saturdays and am pretty sure I'm going to miss more butterfly, which I really enjoy so I'm sad to miss it. I know this is not so much tri related but I just really love the non-freestyle strokes haha.
2017-09-23 3:05 PM
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Southern Illinois
Subject: RE: Beer Drinker Appreciation Society (BDAS)--OPEN
Hi All!!!

I'm exhausted! Finally got back to the states after four days in Copenhagen. It was awesome!!! I'm so glad I went! Two days sight seeing and two days at a workshop on ancient Egyptian tomb building. I only managed one workout while I was there. A four mile run on Wednesday morning. I walked an additional 17 miles around town on Wednesday, and frankly, that was too much walking on cobblestones!!! The outside of the tops of my feet hurt on Thursday!!! It was bad. I really was hoping to be able to swim in the canals, but I never got around to it. I think it would probably be cold as heck.

Taper is clearly in full swing! Must check my schedule and see what I'm actually supposed to be doing next week.
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