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2017-08-12 9:32 PM

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Subject: Brand new, to all the things
Hey all,

After doing some of the googles, wow what a site to find! The info is amazing, I am new to all 3 disciplines and come from a bodybuilding background. Found swimming when I was looking for a form of cardio I enjoyed. One of the students in my program is a pro triathlete and I did some research, could not pass up the challenge, here I am!

I study Osteopathy, can now say I completed a 2.5 km race in Lake Huron and body mechanics are what I am all about. Stepping into a new world out of my comfort zone (triathlon) scares me just about out of my skin. But here we go!

I would love to have any and all the advice about race day, training tips and the "I wish I knew..."'s

But I am really wondering if there is anybody in either my geographical area or near ish to do the coffee thing and just have a training partner sometimes? I am in Hamilton and Cambridge Ontario.


2017-08-15 8:50 AM
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Placitas, New Mexico
Subject: RE: Brand new, to all the things

Welcome Meg,

Triathlon has been a great experience for me.  

Start slow and build gradually.  I've been lucky enough to avoid most of the overuse injuries that plague many in our sport.  

Triathlon can be (almost) as cheap as you want...or as expensive as you want...Get a bike you enjoy riding whether it's a carbon fiber tri-bike, an antique Schwinn, a mountain bike, or a cruiser.  Until you get to the pointy end of the performance curve, equipment isn't going to be your big limiter.  

Thank volunteers and officials throughout the race day.  

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