A Beginner's Guide To Triathlon FAQ
An FAQ on using the site and a compilation of basic advice
New Year's Resolution: First Triathlon
So you have decided to throw your hat in the ring for you first triathlon?
First Half or Full Ironman?
Your complete guide from training to race day
How to train for a triathlon
We have many triathlon training schedules for the beginner below. This article will also serve as a 'where do I start' guide for new triathletes and especially people new to fitness that are just about to take the first steps towards becoming triathletes. This guide will also be especially useful for those needing to lose weight. This article may get lengthy but will serve as a complete guide to all of the necessary articles to start your triathlon training today.
Traithlon Lingo
Triathlon has many words that you probably have never heard of...and just as many acronyms.
Before you start training
Read this before you begin any training. Know the risks of partaking in this sport. Choosing a Triathlon Training Plan is a perfect article to help you figure out where to begin.
Training programs for weightloss
Use these programs if you have weight to lose before beginning formal triathlon training. These are very conservative and low impact.
Eating for weightloss
Stretching is complicated. There have been and still are many debates on the merits of stretching. Like many things, it comes down to the individual and the right program.
Getting Geared-up
Choosing a bike
Sooner or later you will be asking these questions. The following three articles will be indispensable.
Your bike
The bike portion is where most of your miles are. It's also where most of your equipment is for. Here are several video tutorials on maintaining your bike.
Bike training
The following are not bike workouts but important concepts for better bike training.
Run Training
Your triathlon transitions will save or waste precious minutes. Make sure you practice before the big day. Don't forget to print out our Race Day Checklist
Race Day
A few tips on properly eating before and during a race. If you are new to racing, get familiar with
Great video on the rules that you need to know for your triathlon
Mini-Sprint, Sprint and Olympic Race Distances
Your first race will most likely be a minisprint, sprint, or olympic race.

Distance: 400 meter - 400 yard
Distance: 13 kilometer - 8 mile
Distance: 2.4 kilometer - 1.5 mile

Distance: 750 meter - 0.5 mile
Distance: 20 kilometer - 12.5 mile
Distance: 5 kilometer - 3.1 mile

Distance: 1.5 kilometer - 0.9 mile
Distance: 40 kilometer - 25 mile
Distance: 10 kilometer - 6.2 mile
Becoming a runner
There is nothing wrong with starting out in one sport first before doing all three. Here are the running programs that started the site(ironically).
Becoming a swimmer
The following programs are excellent for those just starting out in swimming to build endurance. They can also be used to supplement your Sprint triathlon swim training.
Swim training essentials
Sprint triathlon training schedules
These are some great formal schedules to start your triathlon training in all three sports.
Olympic triathlon training schedules
If you have current history as a runner, you may be able to jump into the Olympic training plans - my favorite distance for satisfying training vs family time.
Beginner question and answer
We have nearly 50 articles of member questions on many beginner topics.
Staying injury free
Heart rate training
Heart rate training is especially useful if you have problems going too fast or you want to really improve your training. Warning, this gets a little technical.
Workout Fueling
Workout fueling is just as important as the training to get the best out of the workout and to lose or maintain your weight.
Have More Questions?
There are thousands of knowledgeable people in our forums to help you out on any questions. Also visit our state forums to find people in your area for local information and training partners.
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