What to do During the Off Season

author : Curt Chesney
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Member Questions from skuzy:


What training do you do during your off season? Right now it's winter here and I have no direction or goals for training. At the moment have been doing basically running & cycling 3 times a week each but with no proper structure or goals in mind. Any advice on what to aim for? Should I focus on building a better base? HRM training has caught my eye recently...


Answer from Curt Chesney
Coach for D3 Multisport

In the sport of triathlon the off season refers to the period of year with no races on the schedule. It certainly is not a time for eating, watching TV and becoming a couch potato. For many athletes this represents a time for reduced training and pursuing other interests, but for others its time to get that advantage on their competition for the upcoming season. [.....]

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date: October 22, 2008


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