Off-Season Training Tips for Beginners

author : sallyddrake
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photoOff-Season thoughts for new triathletes including indoor training, Computrainers, heart-rate training and strength training.

Motivation: 9 Tips to Get Going in the Winter or Whenever

author : IndoIronYanti
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photoFeeling blah? Tempted to miss a workout? Here are some practices as well as on-the-spot tricks to get you into your workouts when you're just not feeling it.

A View From the Back: In Defense of Jan Brady

author : TheClaaaw
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photoA back of back of packer feels sympathy for the vast middle of the pack who never gets nearly as many cheers.

Beginning Triathlons as an Older Woman

author : tesselate331
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photoDoing triathlons will help you re-energize your optimism about life and feel 30 again. I promise!

The Main Thing, is to Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing…

author : jamesjbettis
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photoBecause triathlon can become a lifestyle, it can also become very complicated. But, it doesn’t have to.

50 Things I've Learned in Triathlon Races

author : juxin
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photoA compilation of things I learned while participating in triathlon races.

Recovering from a Recovery Week

author : suebum74
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photoWhy do triathletes need a recovery week and why do we feel so bad during it?

Triathlon Sidelines

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photoThis is an article about attending my first triathlon (as a spectator - I had never entertained the possibility of actually participating one before!), and how inspiring and motivating I found it.

How just saying I was an Ironman kept me out of general surgery

author : ahohl
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photoAn unexpected upside of completing a full distance triathlon

VIDEO: USA Triathlon Rules Clinic

author : USATriathlon
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photoThis USAT Rules Clinic will help you avoid penalties. Topics discussed will be rules of the transition area, drafting penalties, the drafting zone, challenging penalties and more.

My Mermaid Sprint Triathlon

author : sarals
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photoUnforeseen challenges make for a compelling race.

Back in the Saddle

author : ahohl
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photoTop tips from triathletes on finding your way back to training

Triathlon: A Life Changer

author : ahohl
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photoFor most people, there is a story in how they came to the sport as beginners. Some of the most inspiring of those beginner tales begin with health scares.

Why I Love Triathlon

author : gracetaBitha
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photoI have survived multiple relapses of a rare autoimmune disease since diagnosed at age 24, and refuse to let this disease control me. I'm living life on my own terms...and doing triathlons this year!

The Cool Things About Being a Beginner Triathlete!

author : teamhanke
comments : 11
photoIntimidated on starting your training to become a triathlete? Don't hesitate anymore with these six reasons why it's cool being a beginner triathlete.
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