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author : ciarac
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photoThe psychological benefits of aerobic exercise are numerous: mood enhancing, reduced anxiety and depression and also stress reduction.
author : sport88
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photoThe mental, the physical and all the rest. I have come to realize one of the most important sides of sports is mental.
author : c.krishnan
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photoWe must all be aware that success attained in one single effort will have only a short span of life. Because success achieved without any strain or struggle cannot last long.
author : jsanko
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photoLike many of you, my knowledge of triathlon at that time was restricted to the Hawaii Ironman and when my friend put this idea forward I shrugged it off as being absurd.
author : bflrich
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photoYou don’t need to be naturally blessed in the sport, have oodles of free time to devote, or buckets of money to throw at equipment, and you certainly won’t be alone.
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photoYour self-image serves as the operating instructions of your subconscious computer. If you don’t change the operating system, you will be doomed to repeat your past mistakes.
author : Ontherun
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photoMotivation can be hard to come by some days. Here are a few things I have learned to help stay focused.
author : docgill
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photoOne year ago I was 90 pounds heavier and dreaming of being able to walk without a wobble. I never considered doing a triathlon.
author : Team BT
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photoThe day that I decided to participate in a triathlon really changed my view of my own obstacles of matching the mind to the body and the spirit to contribute to society.
author : sekhmet
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We can no longer say “I’ll start training next year” or “let me just get through the holidays”- it IS next year and I, for one, am more than through with the holidays.
author : malvey
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photoIncentives for making and keeping resolutions for your next year.
author : JeremyLikness
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photoIt's great to have goals, but by itself, a goal is not much. Have you ever shared with someone else that you would “try” to accomplish a goal?
author : malvey
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avatarHow a father and son went from zero to marathon and had the experience of a lifetime!
author : scvb13
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avatarI am new to triathlon...again. I would like to share my story to hopefully inspire some to try the sport of triathlon.
author : anchorage84
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