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Most swimming improvements happen in the pool with a focus on technique and building aerobic fitness, but don't ignore the need for open water familiarization. Here are three tips to reduce anxiety.

The open water swim can be one of the scariest or most fun parts of your race. Use these four tips to take a little fear out of the water and turn it into more of an enjoyable experience.

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Race Directors and Members: Map Your Race and Embed it on Your Site
You can now map your complete triathlon course including parking, aid stations and the race course all on one map.
Where to Fit in Strength Training?
When doing these workouts, should I be strength training the same days as my normal swim, bike, and run days? Should I do them in one session at the gym or spread them out during the day?
Beets, Personalized Nutrition and Ditchin' the Diet
What’s New? Nutrition Update from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
Can You Buy Speed? Here's How to Spend Your Money
I'm jumping back into the long-distance races next year and I'm wondering the best way to spend my money? Should I buy a new bike or a powermeter and race wheels?
My 1st Triathlon!
This was my 2nd time training but 1st time competing in the Naperville Sprint Triathlon!
Bicuspid Aortic Valve and Triathlon Training
Triathlon would be something to discuss further with your cardiologist, as cycling is an activity potentially associated with a high static load on the heart.
Gear Reviews

Gear Reviews

De Soto Femme Loose Run Capri
De Soto Sport is innovative and uses only the BEST materials for their products! Comfort is VERY important to me when competing and that is why I choose De Soto products....racing[...]
Polar V800
This is the first experience with the device. I will update this as I learn more.

Race Reports

City of Lakes Triathlon - Sprint Course
First race, so I'l compare to next year and hopefully get another race or two
Western Suburbs Jingle Bell Run/Walk
Fun race. Good for my first since beginning training again.
Frostbite 5K
My best race ever! I feel really, really good about this race! My knee doesn't hurt, and my hips hurt only a little bit!
  • My 1st Triathlon!

    I had set my eyes on the Naperville all women's sprint triathlon four years ago and I trained with a beginner's training program from beginnertriathlete.com for four months for the 750k swim, 14 mile bike, and 5k run. Cut to a week before the race, and I get the biggest news of my life...I'm pregnant! Although obviousl[...]

  • My First Tri

    Go to the bar or go to the workout?  It all started late last summer, I was looking back at what my life had become over the past few years.  I figured out that I was one of the citie's biggest bar-stars, going out 4-6 nights a week, somehow staying out until 2am and getting up in the morning, going to work, [...]

  • Holy Cow, I'm A Triathlete!

    The Distance:  600 meter swim.  18 mile bike.  A 5k run.  The race, Iron Girl Syracuse.  Experience...amazing.The day before. Starting out calm, but feeling my nerves increase like the tide coming in.   My sister-in-law, God bless her, drove up with her youngest (15 years old) to chee[...]

  • Bridging the Generation Gap

    By Phil DarleyWhat could make a Father prouder than his 15-year-old daughter agreeing to participate with Dad in a local YMCA-sponsored Sprint Triathlon? Having it held on Father’s Day Weekend, of course!In the fall of 2012 I made the decision to train for my first Sprint Tri.  I got pumped up as I read seve[...]

  • Strong Women of Mighty Mujer Triathlon: Conquering Fear

    Three years ago, Jessica Melendez-Carrillo never imagined she would one day be considered an athlete. Now, after six triathlons, several 5Ks, and a half marathon, her story of determination and perseverance has inspired women across the border region to push themselves further than they ever thought possible. Her [...]

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    BT is THE site for triathletes
    BT is THE site for triathletes - new and seasoned! I've been tracking my workou[...]
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    The interface is much easier to use...
    Just wanted to say that I REALLY like all the changes made to the Training Plans[...]
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    Best site I've found on the web.
    I just thought I'd drop a line.  Having only taken up the sport 18 months ago I [...]
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    Thank You! This site is all good!! Now all I have to do is just get pass the s[...]