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2013-07-29 12:33 PM

Houston, Texas
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Subject: Marble Falls area riding?
Is anyone familiar with riding in the Marble Falls area? I'm staying around Marble Falls/Kingsland for vacation in a few weeks and I need to get a long ride in. If anyone is familiar with the area, how is the riding around there? I've found a few routes that go up 1431 to HWY 29 for example. It looks like 2 lane highways with no shoulder, would it be safe to ride that area? Any suggested routes?

2013-07-30 7:36 AM
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Canton, TX
Subject: RE: Marble Falls area riding?
The only riding I have done out there is the Hits 1/2. It was a nice course you might look that one up (don't remember all the road numbers) the main road had a wide shoulder and the Farm to Market road had no trafic.

hope that helps
2013-07-30 9:12 PM
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Austin, TX
Subject: RE: Marble Falls area riding?
Don't ride up 1431. It is narrow.
Mormon Mills Rd is a nice ride into Burnet.
I don't remember the road names/numbers, but you can make a loop from Burnet back to Marble Falls.
2013-07-30 10:08 PM
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Subject: RE: Marble Falls area riding?
There are some great rides. Are you ready for some elevation? From Kingsland go toward Inks Lake Park. From Marble Falls take 281 South to 71 West toward Lano to Lake Buchanon and back to Kinglsand. You can also go toward Round Mountain. Hill Country riding can be great fun. From Marble Falls head toward the Balcones Reserve, very tough up and down ride. Check out rides north of LBJ., just be ready for some major hills.
Good luck.
2013-07-31 10:17 AM
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Subject: RE: Marble Falls area riding?
i live near bee cave tx and drive out to cypress mill cemetary. ...park and ride 972 in both directions from there. u can get up to thirty miles out of that one. pm me and I will warn you about two dog probs on that route tho. six trucks at most in an hour during the week.

2013-07-31 5:19 PM
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Houston, Texas
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Subject: RE: Marble Falls area riding?
Thanks for the help. I'm putting together a route that takes me down park rd 4 and hooks up with Mormon Mills. As a flatlander I'm a bit excited about the hills. It will at least be a change of pace.... if I survive.

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