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2014-07-28 7:49 PM


Subject: bike measurement around los angeles
Hello everyone!

looking for a reputable place to get my measurements and get advice around los angeles. I'm downtown LA and willing to travel within reason to meet the right people and get the right info.

new to forums and triathlons (I just made up my mind to do a tri 3 days ago ) I'm an abyss of ignorance with regards to all 3 sports but I'm doing my diligence with online research and got into a regular routine of running and swimming. The area that scares me most is riding. With all the talk about how proper measurement prior to buying a bike is super important and how many shops are doing it all wrong I was wondering what would be the best place to get my measurements and start looking for a bike?

Also if I'm looking to spend under $700 on a bike am I stuck with road bikes or are there tri options?

Thank you!

2014-07-30 10:01 PM
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Glendale, California
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Subject: RE: bike measurement around los angeles

Jim Manton at Ero did a great job for me. He's based at the Velodrome . . . so I was expecting a bit of a snob and he was the most humble, easy to work with fitter.

2014-07-31 8:44 PM
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Subject: RE: bike measurement around los angeles
Thank you for the info! Looked him up online and it looks like quite an intensive fitting I'll probably get in touch with him anyways, but do you mind saying how much was the fitting? I saw a number $800 online and that's more than I'm willing to spend on a bike much less fitting LOL
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