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2017-04-27 1:46 PM
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North Grafton, Massachusetts
Subject: RE: History repeats itself again
Originally posted by nrpoulin

Randy sorry to hear about your back. That really sucks. Hope it starts feeling better soon. I like to do the "cobra snake" stretch. Kinda like the upper pushup position but your legs and pelvis stay on the ground. Typically helps when I tweak something.


Well, apparently my back is starting to improve. I just went out at lunch today and set a new 10K PR! LOL I'm not sure I know how to explain it. Possibly that I've kept my cardio fitness with bike rides, but my legs are fresh due to less volume running? I really didn't set out trying for a PR. After seeing my times for the first 2 miles of 8:40 (which was my slowest mile, but usually is one of my fastest) and 8:20, I started to think about it. When I clocked 8:03 for the 3rd mile, it was game on! LOL I crushed it coming back, going 8:12, 8:12, and 8:09 for the last 3 full miles and then hammering the last 0.2 at a 6:52 pace. I nearly passed out in my front lawn, but it was worth it.

So go figure. I killed a 10K run with no ill effects as far as I can tell. I pushed up the final two hills with zero issues, the last of which was the same hill that a couple nights ago caused a severe, shooting pain. But sitting here in my chair, I can already tell that it is stiffening up.

I do a pretty decent stretching routine almost every night. I have stretches for quads, hammies, calves, and my hip flexors. Sometimes I've done the stretch you're talking about Nate. I particularly do that stretch after I've done core work. One of the ones that seems to have helped with this back injury is lying on your back, keeping my shoulder blades on the floor, but rotating my hips so that my left leg crosses over to the right side of my body and then vice versa. It really seemed to help stretch out the affected area of my back. I've been trying to get myself to get out of my chair every 1-2 hours and going through my stretching routine. There's still some discomfort and dull pain there, but it is clearly getting better!

2017-04-28 9:39 PM
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Subject: RE: The Dominon - Beginner Focused Group - Closed
Glad to hear you're doing better.

Monty sorey to hear you had to drop down to the 70.3. Sounds like it's the best decision in the long run.

I had to cancel my next race since it's the same day as my sons Lax game.

Been thinking about playing with my long run. Going for 12 with the last 3 miles hard every 2 or 3 weeks to simulate tired legs for tri racing. Maybe some weeks do two tempo segments.
Anyone try anything like this?

Did a nice brick yesterday that I plan to mix in now on Thursdays

Initially was gonna drop my long run to 8 miles but think I will keep it 9 to 12 for now
2017-04-29 6:30 AM
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Cleburne, Texas
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Subject: RE: The Dominon - Beginner Focused Group - Closed

Originally posted by nrpoulin Been thinking about playing with my long run.

Here's a great workout I've been doing for a year or so, last night even. You can modify the intervals to fit your needs/distance. I've done this in 60' and stretched it out to as much as 3+ hours. I use HR zones which you can replace with RPE but I think you'll get the idea. This does NOT replace my long slow runs I for my base.

WU: 20' 
MS: Then 2x25' at Zone 2 (mid to high Z2) 5' easy in between. 
Then 2x12 at Zone 3 - 5' easy in between again. 
Then 5' at Zone 4 
CD: 10' cool down easy. 

Another way to "run on tired legs" is a run/bike/run brick. Long slow run, get right on the trainer with high RPM and RPE, then a tempo run. 

2017-04-30 8:11 PM
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Subject: RE: Race Report
Completed my 3rd Sprint today. Crazy weather and I didn't get my watch in the correct modes....but I cut 14 minutes off the time I posted in this same event 2 years ago and 10 mins off my second sprint that was also in 2015. So that was good. My time was 1:41:50. Once the official results are posted I'll get all the details on times and transitions.

Most embarrassing moment(s) was in the rush in T1....I put my fricking helmet on BACKWARDS, don't ask me how it happened but it did.....didn't take time to change until the halfway point of the ride..... . Rained like heck the entire ride.....actually lucky to get the race in since no lightening was in the area.

So, more to come when I see the official results.....I'll list all the stats such as they are.....

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