Starting the 'Run Focus' Plan

author : Amanda McCracken
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Member Question from PaulaLucas

"I have a question about Winter Maintenance.  I just completed my sprint triathlon season and I start up again in April.  I want to follow the Winter Maintenance-Run Focus program (8 weeks), but don't know when to start.  I also want to do the Intermediate Sprint-12 week program before my first race.  My question is, when do I start my Winter Maintenance program and when do I start the Intermediate 12 week program?  Do I take any time off before I start the maintenance and before the 12 week program?"

Answer from Amanda McCracken

I would start up the winter maintenance program in mid-November and begin the 12 week program in mid-January.  In my opinion, you shouldn’t take a break in between programs.  The maintenance lends itself nicely as a precursor to the Intermediate Sprint 12 week program. [.....]

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date: November 23, 2010


Amanda McCracken