Marathon Training and an Olympic Triathlon - How to Train?

author : Amanda McCracken
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Member Question from PGSLAND

I have plans to run my first full marathon in November and want to really concentrate on training for this event.  I have a goal of finishing in 3:15 or less.  I also want to compete in an Olympic tri in Sept and I am having trouble coming up with a decent training plan that will enable me to perform well in both events.  Should I just follow my marathon training plan and not really worry about my bike and swim, and just see what happens in the tri? Or am I better off doing one swim and one bike per week?  With one bike and one swim per week would I be able to maintian my swim, bike fitness? Or am I better off just resting instead?  Thanks for your help.

Answer from Amanda McCracken
D3 Coach

First, decide how much run fitness you need to build depending on your fitness level and current average miles run per week. [.....]

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date: September 21, 2010


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