Member Question: Improving My Half Marathon Time

author : Amanda McCracken
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Member Question from Iron-Guinness

After four years of Ironman racing I only have one 'A' race this year, a half Marathon in two months.  I have run the exact same time the last two years at this race - 1:34 which is fourth in my age group. For a number of excuses my training has gone in the tank. I am 8 to 10 pounds overweight. I had hoped to break 1:30 this year but now would be happy just to break 1:34. My question is in my limited time I have left do I concentrate on speed work or endurance? I have no triathlons for a while so I can focus on running.

Answer from Amanda McCracken

D3 Coach

So you have eight weeks to get yourself ready for your half marathon.  First of all, I want to give you props for taking a break from Ironman training and racing.  It takes a toll on your body in so many ways, particularly in depleting your body of essential vitamins and minerals. [.....]

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date: August 5, 2010


Amanda McCracken