Member Question: Regarding Stress Fractures, Motivation and Coaching

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Question from sue7013:

I started tri training last July. Right now I am recovering from a stress fracture in my hip and I can't run. I can swim and bike and I'm doing some strength training. I have not signed up for any races because if I do I am too competitive to just go and not run. (I proved this at Danskin). My motivation is very low right now because I very much need that goal of a race coming up to keep me motivated. I'm not sure when I will be able to start running again. Depends on how quickly it heals.  Any advice regarding keeping motivated?

Also I have been thinking about hiring a coach. One the one hand I think it would help keep me going right now and help when I am able to train the run. On the other hand I feel like its a waste right now because I have no race to train for and I can't run. I've looked at a bunch of training programs but I know a cookie cutter program won't work for me because of my crazy work schedule and I'm having trouble finding something that I think might be a good fit also. Any advice would be helpful and thanks in advance -SMO


I trust that you had a bone scan and had a doctor diagnose your stress fracture. One thing that can be done to maintain run fitness is to deep water run. This is better done with a partner and many people find it challenging. But it works wonders. If you are motivated it will be easy to do. However you mentioned that motivation is a problem. In this case you may have to find some open water swim events or bike time trials that will allow you to stay motivated and compete in your other two sport. USAT is starting a swim and bike series this year. Contact the USAT office about it.

Hiring a coach is a good idea if you can not put together a schedule yourself. In addition to the schedule you will have someone to ask questions and advice. However, the fact that you would be accountable to someone besides yourself on your training will help your motivation. Make sure your coach has experience and at the very least holds a USAT coaching certification. In the previous question I talk about what you can do to train for the run when injured which is deep water running.

Luis Vargus



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date: July 5, 2005


1989-1995 Ironman Champion, Mark runs, a online triathlon training system for athletes. 


1989-1995 Ironman Champion, Mark runs, a online triathlon training system for athletes. 

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