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The Rise of Mark Allen

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photoMark will reveal blow by blow what took him from six devastating setbacks in the Ironman World Championships in Kona to the first of his six World Championship victories on the Big Island.

Why Do We Race?

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photoWhat is so fun about blisters, sore muscles and chafing, anyway?

Member Question: VO2/Lactate Threshold Testing

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photoCan you tell me how my LT and V02 max have not decreased after 8 months of absolutely no speedwork? I did very minimal running up until February 2005.

Member Question: Training Heart-Rate and Getting More out of my Legs

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photoYesterday I found that my heart rate was maxed at 95% and averaged 80% for the bike and run with no breathing problems. However, I just couldn't seem to get more out of my legs. Thoughts?

Member Question: Regarding Stress Fractures, Motivation and Coaching

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photoI started tri training last July. Right now I am recovering from a stress fracture in my hip and I can't run. Any advice regarding keeping motivated?

Long-Term Training Gains, What to Expect? Q&A with Mark Allen

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avatarApproximately how long do you think can I reasonably expect to keep making these improvements in speed and performance? I know it has to drop off sometime, I'd just like to have an idea of when.

Accessible Bike Nutrition - Q&A with Mark Allen

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avatarI can't get my gel pack out of my back pocket and then get it open to eat! I know this sounds really beginnerish, but what tricks or tools can I use to be able to have my food more accessible?

Long Distance Bike Nutrition - Q&A with Mark Allen

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avatarMy question is on nutrition in a long race. Most intake will occur on the bike, but I'm curious as to the details. I didn't do real well in this area last year and really need to improve.

Injuries and Training - Q&A with Mark Allen

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avatarWhen you're in the middle of your training plan for a major event (Ironman Lake Placid), how do you handle injuries when they come up?

The Top Six Beginner Questions

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photoMark Allen, six time Ironman Champion, answers the most common questions beginners have in getting into triathlons.

Pre Race Nutrition

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avatarThoughts on carbohydrate loading leading up to triathlon race day.

The Carb Question

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avatarThoughts on low carbohydrate diets in conjuntion with triathlon training.
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1989-1995 Ironman Champion, Mark runs, a online triathlon training system for athletes.