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Beginner Swim 101: Learning to Swim on your Side - Lesson 1

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photoTop swimmers rotate the core of the body from one side to the other while keeping the head fixed. When you rotate in this way, you move through the water more like a fish, maximizing your efficiency.

5 Tips to a Strong Swim in Your Next Triathlon

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photoWill you will finish your next triathlon swim strong, or will you run out of steam before you even start the majority of your race?

Beginner Swimmers: Common Swim Questions

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photoAre you a new swimmer starting your triathlon training? Here are some top answers to member questions as you begin your triathlon swim training.

Choosing a Triathlon Wetsuit

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photoLearn about the different styles of triathlon wetsuits, how to choose one and why it is beneficial to have one.

Ten Steps to Improving Your Swim

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avatarWork your weakness. In the sport of triathlon, most coaches agree that you should spend the most time working on your weakest of the three sports. For many of you this will be swimming!

700 Yard Beginner Swim Workouts

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photoPractice these three workouts each week for 4 weeks. Just complete the workouts and notice the changes to your stroke.

How to Master the Top 5 Challenges to Breathing in Freestyle

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avatarThe most common question I hear in the triathlete world about the mysteries of swimming efficiently usually involves something with breathing.

Olympic Swimming vs. Triathlon Swimming

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photoMany people in the triathlon world think they need to just emulate Ian Thorpe to have a faster time, or have a similar stroke to Michael Phelps to cruise through the swim. Unfortunately...

Do you have runners kick?

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avatarHave no fear, there are things you can do. Even the worst of kickers can develop an adequate kick for freestyle, which is all you need for a triathlon swim.

Are You Doing Your Swim Intervals Properly?

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photoIs beating yourself up on intervals you can barely maintain the best way to get the most out of your swim workout?

Lesson # 2: Arm and Hip Rotation - The Shark Fin Drill

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photoNow that you’ve mastered balancing on your side, it’s time to practice the foundation of the arm stroke.

Mastering Flip Turns: A Primer

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photoAt some point in your triathlon career you will need to master the art of the flip turn to continue your swimming progress.

Ask the Swim Coach: How do I Swim Faster?

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photo I can swim long with ease and have decent endurance, but I have a race coming up and I don't want to be last anymore. Help?

Member Question: The 'Other' Swim Strokes

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photoSo tell me why I want to bother swimming the other strokes? I'm IM training, and plan to swim freestyle for the entire race, is there an advantage to working on the other strokes?

Using INTERVAL Workouts for Your Swim Training

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photoInterval training is essential to improving your swim time. Here are a few examples of setting up your swim interval training.
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