Race Question: First Olympic Triathlon a Month after First Marathon

author : Amanda McCracken
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I just finished my first tri season and only have 2 sprints under my belt. My dilemma is that I am torn between doing the ING Marathon on 3/30/08 and St. Anthony's Olympic Tri on 4/26/08. Is 1 month enough time to recover from my first marathon to go and do my first olympic tri? My alternative options are to do the 1/2 marathon and then do the olympic or to do the full marathon and schedule my first olympic for later in the year so I have more time to recover.  Thoughts?

My response to your question stems from a slightly different perspective. It’s critical to remember that life is not a race. I often have to remind myself of this. If you are anxious to add two more finishes to your list of various races, then race both events. Depending, of course, on your current fitness level and health history, I have little doubt that with determination and adequate training, you can pull this off. [.....]

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date: October 11, 2007


Amanda McCracken