The Practical Way to Lose Fat

author : JeremyLikness
comments : 8
avatarLosing fat is not difficult. So why does this continue to be an elusive goal for so many people, who “struggle” just to lose a few inches?

Lean for a Lifetime: The Calories In/Calories Out Paradigm

author : KenMierke
comments : 5
photoA powerful attraction of the calories in/calories out paradigm is its apparent simplicity. Unfortunately, the human body isn’t so simple and that is why this seemingly wonderful formula doesn't work.

Peanut Butter: A Super Sports Food

author : Nancy Clark
comments : 0
photoIn this day and age of energy bars, protein powders and weight gain shakes, many athletes forget about “real" foods such as peanut butter. Peanut butter is perhaps the best sport food around.

Keeping the Blues at Bay

author : katzchen55
comments : 11
photoIf you are suffering from depression like me, take heart - you are not alone. You can use exercise and triathlon training as depression therapy.

Body Image is the Key

comments : 5
photoYour self-image serves as the operating instructions of your subconscious computer. If you don’t change the operating system, you will be doomed to repeat your past mistakes.

The No-Brainer-Nutrition-Plan

author : chrisandniki
comments : 2
photoSolid nutrition principles for those not wanting to put a lot of thought into eating healthy.

TV's 'Biggest Loser': A Big Loser

author : Nancy Clark
comments : 20
photoMany people have been asking my opinion of this popular show, so I feel obliged to scream out: It's terrible! It’s horrible! It's abusive! I also feel like throwing my shoe at the TV.

From the Forum - What's that Ammonia Smell?

author : JeremyLikness
comments : 2
photoThe next time you smell ammonia, don't worry. It doesn't mean that your muscle tissue is being broken down, and it doesn't mean that you're doomed to stink for the rest of eternity.

Love That Body

author : ewkfit
comments : 0
photoI may not have pre-pubescent hips or breasts and at 36 that would be ridiculous. I do not need to have an "airbrushed body" and why do I revere that?

Dieting Gone Awry: When Food is Foe

author : Nancy Clark
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photo"I'm 'good' at breakfast and lunch, but after I get home from the gym at night, I end up devouring everything in sight. On weekends, my eating is even crazier." Sound familiar?

I'm Not Alright....

author : katzchen55
comments : 3
photoMy thanks to the triathlete community for being there when I need you. That’s the beautiful thing about triathletes. None of us are all right, and no one expects anyone else to be.

10 Common Mistakes in Hydration and Nutrition

author : IronTom
comments : 1
photoMistakes in fueling that you can correct during training.

Head Over Heals - Mental Floss for Endurance Athletes

author : BobbyMcgee
comments : 0
photoWhen we get ready to train or race, we have a pretty fixed set of thoughts. We are unaware of how they affect our racing.

How Triathlon Training Changed My Life

author : mike hall
comments : 4
photoI finally bit the bullet and asked my doctor if there could be another reason to my lack of success in weight management. I did not like his answer.

Man vs. Nature: Surviving the Alcatraz Challenge

author : dr_forbush
comments : 9
photoThe boat was being tossed around. Someone noted that there were whitecaps on the waves. Another guy said, “This is going to be challenging.” I began to wonder what he meant by 'challenging'.
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