Guidelines for Beginner Swimmers + Workout

author : priscilla
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avatarTriathlon Swim Training for Beginners

VIDEO: How to do Flip Turns

author : mikericci
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photoThis is a 3 step program on learning how to do flip turns. Also discussed is the importance of using flip turns during lap swimming.

How Swimming Is Different From Running

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photoIncreasing your energy efficiency even modestly -- from, say, 3% to 4% -- can translate into a 33% improvement in your swimming.

Beginner Swim Workouts: Endurance, Form and Speed

author : gsmacleod
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photoThese workouts are all designed for beginners and range in length from 400m to 1200m – hopefully providing some useful workouts until you are able to tackle the 2000m+ workouts.

Preventing Swimmer’s Shoulder

author : sportfactory
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photoPoor swim technique, overtraining, unilateral breathing, overuse of training equipment all can cause swimmer's shoulder. Read how to avoid injury and strengthen your muscles.

Pool Etiquette for Lap Swimmers

author : McFuzz
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photoHow to join lap swimmers without making a splash. A primer on the social graces applied to swimming laps.

Beginner Swim 101: Learning to Swim on your Side - Lesson 1

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photoTop swimmers rotate the core of the body from one side to the other while keeping the head fixed. When you rotate in this way, you move through the water more like a fish, maximizing your efficiency.

Beginner Swim Program: Month 1

author : gsmacleod
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photoA three month program designed to help beginning swimmers improve technique for a sprint distance race.

Beginner Swimmers: Common Swim Questions

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photoAre you a new swimmer starting your triathlon training? Here are some top answers to member questions as you begin your triathlon swim training.

Bigfuzzydoug's Ten Points to Beginner Swimming

author : Bigfuzzydoug
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photoOur member shares what he has learned for beginner swimmers

VIDEO: How to Swim Faster: Guaranteed, Not Guesswork

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photoTerry Laughlin will cover the elements of the "speed problem" in swimming, why the traditional means of swimming faster seldom work and why an often-ignored approach is virtually foolproof.

Ten Steps to Improving Your Swim

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avatarWork your weakness. In the sport of triathlon, most coaches agree that you should spend the most time working on your weakest of the three sports. For many of you this will be swimming!

Freestyle Hand Position

author : garyhallsr
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photoWhat to do with your fingers and hands while swimming.

Open Water Swimming (OWS): M.A.P.S. to Get Ready

author : IndoIronYanti
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photoMAPS is Meditation, Acclimatization, Practice, and Strategy, which are key for giving you the confidence and skills to execute the open-water swim in a triathlon well.

Learn to Swim - Month 1

author : Sara McLarty
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photoThis installment of the BT Swim Series will focus on breathing. Before you can swim fast, you must learn how to control your breathing so that easy swimming does not leave you gasping after one lap.
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