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"The best true TT geometry frame you'll find for under $200. It's a good bike, but don't expect it to be better than the $1400+ TT bike at the LBS.

If you're on a budget and you have spare parts lying around, consider this frame. I wouldn't recommend this frame as the centerpiece of a completely new build. Instead, save up for a P1 or other entry-level tri bike.

That being said, I'm happy with this bike and will be riding it for a while...at least until I can afford to upgrade.


Frame is straight with decent welds.


I'm short (5'6") with a 30" inseam and this frame fits me fairly well. Few tri bikes work for me, and many of those that do have 650c wheels. I wanted to stick with 700c wheels so I could swap with my road bike.


Very stiff...especially when compared to carbon. Of course, carbon is usually 10x the price. This frame transmits every bump and is not necessarily smooth. I've still managed 40+ miles rides without too much discomfort though.


This frame feels bulletproof. I don't baby it like I do my carbon road bike.


For the price, this is a great frame. You get what you pay for though. It's a great sub-$200 frame. Don't try to compare it to frames that cost much more.


Graphics not for everyone but I think it looks okay. My 50cm with the sloping top tube looks small...almost like a circus bike.


This is my second Leader frame and Sal at Leader has always been a great guy to deal with. He's always taken good care of me when I've worked with him. I've also dealt with some of the younger guys at Leader and they weren't as impressive. If you're interested in Leader, go straight to Sal.


Performance is good for a sub-$200 frame. I've built it up as a tri bike and I've also built it up as a road bike (drop bars and brifters) for crits. Surprisingly, it tracks and handles very well...not twitchy at all. I assume the good handling is because of the shorter wheelbase.

It's a bit heavy and doesn't have that "snappy acceleration" feel. It doesn't accelerate like a rocket. I've had it at 30+ mph on crits and descents and it feels very stable.

Price. You won't find a more versatile TT geometry frame that costs less.

Handles very well...not twitchy. My Leader 736R road bike was a lot more twitchy than this bike.

Heavy. Doesn't accelerate as well as I'd like.

Not aero; huge headtube diameter.

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