Six Open Water Swimming Tips
7/31/2020 | Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


7/31/2020 | Lessons learned from a beginner's training

7/31/2020 | Gait analysis may help runners find their stride

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Intestinal Distress and Urgent "Pit Stops"
7/31/2020 | Endurance run training can mean unpleasant digestive problems for triathletes.
Three Ideas to Break Up Boredom and Free Your Muscles
7/31/2020 | Move into a different plane of motion
My Virtual Triathlon
6/30/2020 | Coronavirus cancelation didn't stop me, but razor wire did
Xterra Off-Road Triathlon World-Championship Qualification Plan
6/30/2020 | Training plan for Xterra off-road Triathlon
Building a Better Vegan/Vegetarian Sports Diet
6/30/2020 | Many endurance athletes are eating less meat and a lot more plant-based diets. This article talks about how to build a better vegan sports diet.

Gear Reviews

Sundried Rouleur Women's Training Bib Shorts
This is a great option for women for cycling bib shorts. They are stylish and well-made. If you are used to a very thin pad, this will be an adjustment for you. It's a thicker, mol[...]
IvaMichele The Aspire Triathlon Shorts
These are cute, functional, and very long. Technically they are well built and the materials are good. More colors would be nice, but I do like the butterfly logo. These shorts wer[...]

Race Reports

Tour de Tonka
Virtual race this year - they did a good job of planning but I think ultimately was a bit of a flop as far as attendance goes. My enthusiasm for a virtual race is all used up this[...]
Sheep Mountain 50Mi
Since moving to Colorado a year ago, I have run a number of races put on by Human Potential Running Series and RD Sherpa John Lacroix. I can say unequivocally that they will find a [...]
Mountain Lakes Triathlon - Sprint
Good smaller race, especially given the Covid precautions. I may put this one back on my list to do every year despite the drive.
  • How I Became A Triathlete

    Published from the archives of member-submitted articles that were never previously published.When I saw my first triathlon competition on television in the winter of 2008, I was lounging on the couch in my oversized sweats, eating pepperoni pizza.  Out of shape, clearly not a nutritional role model, and with no a[...]

  • First Tri - Mary Miller

       It was 2009 and I was going to turn 50 soon. I wanted to feel like I at least accomplished something in my life before I hit the big 5-0. So, hey, why not do a triathlon?! I was overweight by about 100 pounds. I trained by myself and followed one of Beginner Triathlete’s training plans, wh[...]

  • First Triathlon - James Keefe

      It has been a bucket list item for me for years. Every time I started a new workout routine (or tried to), it has been geared towards completing a sprint tri. Three years ago, I even registered for a local race, but chickened out the night before. Thanks to a recent career move, around the start of the Ne[...]

  • First Tri: A bit too cocky

    One night in mid February, I mentioned to my son that he ought to do the Xterra Xticer race at Oak Mountain State Park in May of this year. This should be easy – 200m swim, 11k mountain bike, and 2k run. He said he would do it if I would, so we registered and the challenge was on. I printed out the bike course fr[...]

  • I finished. And it took something.

    I slowly approached the finish area of the Lewisburg, PA Sprint Triathlon. As I prepared to turn left at the approaching road and finish the last 100 yards in the direction of the large, red inflated finish tube, a volunteer stepped forward to tell me to continue straight ahead to the next street before turning left. "[...]

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    Your plan worked like a treat!
    I followed your 20 week IM training plan pretty much to the letter and completed[...]
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    I used to be a blob - now I love doing triathlons! And I just want to send thank[...]
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    BT is THE site for triathletes
    BT is THE site for triathletes - new and seasoned! I've been tracking my workou[...]
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    The training program was great!
    The training program was great, I just finished my first race yesterday. I thor[...]