Configuring Your BT (FAQ & Login Problems too)

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Know how to get around BT. Some essentials on emails, passwords, pictures, login problems and more.

Get the fullest potential from the site! 

  1. Register through the link on top.  All you need is a username and valid email address.  Your password will be sent to your email within 24 hours to logon.  Check and/or configure your email's junk-mail or spam filter folders!  And due to other cosmic phenomena, you may not even get an email (rare).  Should you not receive it within a 24 hours and you have checked out your email configuration, email me through the 'contact' link at the bottom and I will be sure to hook you up.
  2. Logon and go to your 'Settings - top left link above the login box.  Configure your forum settings and also configure your training log settings.  Your done!

Training Log FAQ

Training Log and Plan FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

First Time Logon Problems?  If you received your registration and tried to logon for the first time with the link in the email and can't stay logged-on, INSTEAD copy and paste that link into a new browser window OR go to the site directly to logon.  Many times, email programs won't let you logon through direct links in the email.

I haven't received my password or newsletter for 24 hours.  Check your email's junk-mail or spam filter folders!  Many email programs use aggressive spam filters and you will hear nothing. 

Email Problems?Check your email configuration if having problems receiving site email

Should you not receive it within a 24 hours, contact me via the 'Contact Us' link.  Many times, it's as simple as the email you put in has a misspelling.

This is especially important if you wish to automatically receive new passwords and thread updates.

How do I get my username and password sent to me if I forgot?
Just go to 'Logon'>'Forgot Your Password?' and enter either your username OR the email you registered under. It will then be mailed to the email associated with your account.

How do I or why can't I upload a profile picture? 
First go to your 'Settings' > 'Profile Image.'  At the bottom there will be a place to upload your profile picture (associated with threads and blog).  MAX size is 50kb in gif and jpeg format.  Same with your personal picture.  If you don't have an image resizer to get the photos down to an uploadable size, go to for a free, basic photo resizer.

I don't want to receive email updates to threads.  How do I turn it off?  Go into your 'Settings', go to 'Email settings', select 'No' for 'Receive email notifications by default?'

How am I able to change fonts and colors in my posts and training blog?  From your 'Settings' > 'Forum Settings' > "Use rich edit box when composing messages?"  Clicking 'yes' will allow you to post messages with different fonts, sizes an color in the forum or training log - very cool.

When I upload a new profile picture, the old one stays there?  Try this:  Delete the old one, right click on your internet icon on your computer's desktop screen and click on 'properties'.  Choose 'Temporary Internet Files' and click 'Delete'.  Go back to your control panel and upload new photo.  OR delete it, hit F5 to refresh, then may still have to then hit F5 again.

I sent someone a private message and yet it's still in my inbox?  This is different from outlook.  The message will only leave your outbox when the recipient logs on and goes to their inbox.

Can I change my username? Yes.  This will be in your settings.

How do I change my password?  After you login, go to the 'Settings' Link.  At the top you will see an area to change your password.

How do I put a link into my signature? (for forum posts).  Go to your 'Settings' and in the signature area put in something like: "Click on [ url = ] My Link! [ /url ] to go to my site..."  Just use that format and make sure to eliminate the spaces I inserted into the bracketed items. (as it's an example)

How do I attach a picture to a thread?
Before you 'Submit', you can check the box 'attach file after posting?'  You will then be able to upload your picture.  MAX size is 100kb.  Supported formats are .gif, .jpeg and .bmp.

How does my log get listed in the 'BT Blogger?  Go to your 'settings', make sure your log is set to 'public' and put in a title for your log.

Can't Login from Iphone mobile site

Check that Settings -> Safari -> Accept Cookies is set to "From visited" or "Always". Also it wouldn't hurt to clear the history, cookies, and cache.

How do I share my training log with friends and family?

  1. Go to 'Settings > Training Log Settings' and allow guests to view your training log.
  2. The URL to give out is the URL you get when you click on the 'Training Log' Button.  Example:



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