Race Directors and Members: Map Your Race and Embed it on Your Site

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You can now map your complete triathlon course including parking, aid stations and the race course all on one map.

Our users have been making maps for years.  Now Race Directors can map their entire triathlon race including the swim, bike and run course on one map along with markings for transitions, aid stations, etc.  You can then embed this map on your site for your users to interact with.

How do I make a race map for my race?

Below are instructions on using this feature.

Step 1

Login and go to 'Training Logs --> My Routes'.  This will take you to your route manager.

Step 2

Click on 'Create Map'.

Step 3

This is where the fun begins!  You will want to go to your location first by typing the address in the search box at the top.   

Create Your Race Markers

Once at your location, click on the 'Labels' tab of the control box to start building your course.  

Create your Route Markers

Clicking on 'Route' will allow you to build your race route complete with an elevation profile.  Just click on the sport you want to map and start clicking points.

*Note, you can go between 'Route' and 'Labels' as needed to build your course.

Step 4

Once done, click 'Save' from the 'Route'. tab.  Fill on the race name, country, city and state.  Make sure you keep it public.

How do I embed the race on my site?

Once you have saved the race via step 4 from above, go back into your 'Route Manager' and click on the race name.  Click on the 'Export/Embed' button to get the code to input into your site.  It will default to 100% width but you can easily change the value in the code when pasting it on your site.

Questions and Support

For any questions and support, please login and post HERE.



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