Beginner Triathlete Memberships


Online coaching benefits

MAIN features
  • Get questions answered by professional coaches.
  • Training plan recommendations
  • Weekly training log analysis
  • Supports the Silver or Gold training plans
  • Workout questions, injury, taper, and race preparation questions
  • Learn how to train by HR and RPE

Ideal for the athlete needing help in selecting the correct plan, the correct number of workouts and any questions along the way.

Add-on to the SILVER and GOLD Memberships


Billed monthly

  • The coaches will review your training log weekly and put up a review in your athlete page
  • The analysis can only be as detailed as your logged workouts. The more information the better
  • You can follow-up with any question regarding the weekly log analysis
  • Log your workouts to enable this feature
  • With your own personal forum thread, you can ask the coaches, ANY question, ANY time.
  • Questions are answered within 24 hours
  • How to do the workouts
  • General injury questions
  • Race preparations
  • Missed workouts
  • How to fit in multiple races
  • General injury questions
  • Tapering
  • Race scheduling
  • Workout nutrition
  • Clothing and Equipment Selection

One of our coaches will be dedicated to you. That coach will be the one checking your training logs and answering your questions.