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"I need to go shoe shopping again! :("keefmac


well made - except for the sole which is already disintegrating after about a third of the milage of previous shoes


These are great shoes - super comfy after the first 30 miles when I had problems with the tongue creasing and bruising the top of my foot


might as well be running on paper - the outer edge, which for some reason is made of a softer compound, is rapidly disapearing :(


just not durable - I'm not paying £80 every 200 miles!


Appearance is unimportant - they get muddy, you hose them down!


disapointing overall - took a while to break in and then only lasting a coupla hundred miles - previous shoes have been at the 500 mile mark before I've started to shop again...

good reliable design

crap super soft compund on the sole which dies far too quickly

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