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"This is a smartphone app that tracks you on your workout for your loved ones. You activate the app as you head out on your workout, and specify which of you phone contacts you want to notify. The app sends them a text message with a link to a map. When they click the map, it refreshes with your current location. It also sounds an alarm if you stop for several minutes, and if you don't turn it off, it alerts your contact that you haven't moved. When you finish the workout, you complete the "crumb" and it notifies your friend that you are finished."alicefoeller


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Very simple to set up.


You can customize some of the messages, but not all.


It's amazing that they provide this for free.


No complaints.


Road ID is just a great company. Period.


Doesn't use much battery, works every time.

This is an amazing app. It makes me and my loved ones feel more secure that I have not just gone missing on a long bike ride. Before I got this app, if I was riding in sketchy conditions, such as on a weeknight at sunset on country roads, I would stop and text my location frequently. Now I have an app that is always telling the person of my choice where I am and if I'm OK. Even better, it only tracks with breadcrumbs, not constant tracking of every inch, so it doesn't use much battery power.

No weaknesses.

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