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"Cold weather gloves for running or biking: These gloves were available at Costco for less than $20. They are durable and have some extras, like a little tab pocket on the backs of the hands for storing one of those chemical heating packs or a key. Drawstring at the wrist is easy to adjust and lock. They are easy to get on and off and very warm. I was outside for several hours in 24 degrees and had no trouble with my hands being cold. Could use a fluffier area at the thumb for wiping the nose. Leather is not as good as fleece for this problem."alicefoeller


So far, so good. I've even put them through the washing machine with no ill effects. I worked them pretty hard during an outdoor martial arts weekend, crawling on hands and knees through snow. They held up well.


The fingers are correct, but the palm area could be larger. Or if I go up a size, the fingers are too large.


Very comfortable. My hands were toasty in cold temps. The gloves are soft inside.


They come in various sizes, and have a stretch cord to tighten around the wrist.


Can't believe how inexpensive these were. I usually can't buy a performance athletic item for this price.


Looks fine. They are gloves. The bar is pretty low. They come in normal colors like grey and black.

High performance, low price, great for cold weather.

Sizing is a little strange, or maybe my hands just have weird dimensions. I purchased the ones for women, so it should have been correct. Leather on back of thumb should be replaced by fleece for wiping nose. Nose wiping is a very important function of gloves!

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