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"This is a well thought-out product. It's a simple idea, but makes swim workouts fun and spontaneous. I think I could even take my middle school kids in the pool and convince them it's a game they are playing with me while they are getting exercise and improving their stroke. I had been avoiding pool workouts for months, but the packet gave me inspiration to get it. I seemed to roll straight laps just as often as interesting cards, which was good. It made for a balanced workout. The dice are easy to understand. If you roll "Laps" you do the number of laps shown on the other die. If you roll DD for DrillDeck, you draw a card and do the drill described for the number of laps shown on the other die.

Full disclosure, this product was provided free of charge for review by BeginnerTriathlete.


Great! Very easy to figure out. Since this is a completely new idea, I give it a 4 because there are inherent problems with having a "game" on the pool deck. The cards could fall into the water and sink, and the dice could end up out of reach, necessitating and exit from the pool to retrieve them. But the whole package is cool and simple.


Very good. The packaging was perfect, and the items were clearly well engineered and designed. It's nice to look at, the cards are waterproof, and the carrying sack is perfect.


I think the price is just right for something well manufactured and well designed. It will last a long time, and is a great gift idea for a triathlete. It's a rare item you can buy for a triathlete that they will like, don't already have, and costs less than $150.


Really great. Very cool design and branding. The cards are easy to follow. The dice look cool.

High marks for novelty and usefulness. Having received this product, I actually WANTED to go to the pool, and I've been in a mental place where I've been dreading swimming, so this was great. Well designed, and high quality, it arrived in thoughtful packaging and had a useful instruction card. The idea is great, because if you have 20 or 60 minutes to swim, but no specific workout, you will never be bored or wondering what to do. Most of the drills are great. The cards have a nice dose of humor, such as on the zipper drill, which states to swim a stroke while moving your recovery arm as if you are zipping up a fancy dress. Then it says, "Right guys?"

A few of the drills might cause frowns from certain coaches. Not everyone thinks making an "S" curve with the hand during the pull is actually a good idea. Many say pro swimmers appear to be making an S, but they are actually doing a straight pull and the dynamics of the water and body rotation just make it look like an S. Anyway, that's my biggest criticism. It's actually very well done and a great idea. I liked having a workout magically appear without having to follow along in a book or a printed sheet. I would advise not putting the SWOLF card on the top, because that is the most complex of the games and drills, and when I looked at the first card and saw that, I thought, oh great, I'm going to spend 5 minutes at the end of the pool figuring out each of these cards. But that wasn't the case. Most are very straightforward.

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