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"The 735 is a great watch. It's light, sleek, has a slew of custom features, and the multisport mode works like a dream. I've had a few problems with pool swims that, at first, I attributed to my errors. While some of them were mine, I still have some consistent issues with it recognizing turns.

The watch is probably better for someone who isn't looking for a huge screen with lots of information. When I race, I tend only to look at my watch when it's time to shuffle between activities, or during my run. If you want to see a lot more information at once, the new 935 is probably a better choice.


This is a great watch, but it has some features that are not necessarily intuitive. Finding information about the features (such as drill log in swim mode) is not easy.


Light, mostly plastic and rubber


Size and fits like a running watch rather than an aircraft carrier on the arm.


Must be worn snugly if an accurate optical heart rate is desired. Snugness was not a problem during an olympic distance race.


Easy to adjust the wristband. Also, there are many custom sports/activities that you can add. It is very easy to adjust the different screens.


I've worn this in the pool and open water, on the bike, and on many runs. No problems.


I received this as a gift. It is a bit pricey. The Fenix has a few more features for about the same cost. I like that this is a bit smaller, and feels more like a running watch.


Looks like a running watch. I prefer that to the bulky 935 and the slightly larger Fenix.


The GPS is very good on the run and bike modes. It's easy to customize the autolaps. I've found it to be much more finicky with pool swims. Sometimes, it doesn't recognize that I've made turns. And, there have been times where I've hit the lap button, and it was sensitive enough that it skipped the rest interval and went into my next interval. In a swim workout, you can't go back a step.

The 735 uses an optical heart rate monitor. In general, I think it performs well unless it's after a swim. During my last race, it had my HR being about 105 for a 40km bike and a 10km run. That certainly was not close to accurate.

Size, weight, customization. Ease of creating, uploading and running workouts for cycling or running. Multiple modes (indoor run, outdoor run, indoor bike, outdoor bike, OWS, pool swim, brick, triathlon are all standard), plus many others that are easily added.

Brick and triathlon modes allow you to include transitions (I recommend that you do).

There is a broadcast mode, so you can see on your bike computer whatever is on your watch screen. Thus, you don't have to run an activity on your bike computer if you want to see your performance metrics.

Optical heart rate is significantly affected if coming out of the water. I've had some problems with it recognizing turns in the pool, and with it cycling to the next interval either due to a sensitive button or (sometimes) just on its own.

DC Rainmaker (which has an awesome review) recommends, and I agree, putting the watch into lock mode during triathlon mode. If you hit the lap button, you can't reverse it.

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