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"This would be a nice gift, and I can see how it would be fun to play the afternoon after a race when you just want to sit around and relive the challenges of triathlon. If you have a lot of time and patience, or you've played it before and have someone to explain it, it could be fun."alicefoeller


Requires a serious commitment to understand the rules and set up the game correctly.


The pieces are of high quality and the graphic design is good.

The game has accurate triathlon details and apt (and sometimes amusing) penalty cards that set you back when you've been injured, stayed up too late, etc. It is well researched and contains things that are correct about training - it's a balance between pushing and rest.

Game play is quite complex. Players take turns, but there are series of turns followed by races, and the races are a whole different kind of play. It's confusing and takes a good deal of commitment to figure it out. Triathletes tend to be smart overachievers, but even so, this is a lot.

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