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"Based on my fit experience with the Torpedo 50+, I wouldn't suggest this particular model. Maybe the Versa 200, with it's updated base, would be better? But that model costs quite a bit more. "gary p


(Specific to the Torpedo 50+ with the Mini Mount) You may have to do a little bit of fiddling with some hardware to adjust, but the basic installation is 4 velcro straps.


Once you've adjusted everything to your preference, it's easy enough to use. One exception is the bite valve, which required too much suction, in my opinion, to extract liquid. My HR was jumping 3-5bpm every time I tried to take in some water. I eventually cut the valve off and found that easier. I also drilled a small hole in the small hole plug to reduce the vacuum effect when sipping with the solid lid.


Materials are mostly fine. One exception is the cage, which lacks sufficient tension (applicable to the Torpedo 50+ and Versa 200. Versa 500 has a different cage which may or may not be better) Big bumps can knock the bottle out of it's position. Haven't had it come completely out, but that's probably because the optional aero bike computer mount up front has saved it. Second exception is the bite valve which tore after a few uses. In the end, I didn't replace it because I preferred no bite valve at all.


(Specific to the Torpedo 50+ with the Mini Mount) I have Vision T1 aerobars which have two bends. If I mount this system far enough back that the base mount is level, the base mount or back of the cage makes contact with the stem. If I move it forward enough so it doesn't contact the stem on bumps, the front straps are on the second segment of the bars, and the front end sits higher.

Contact with the stem must be a common issue because they include two stick-on velcro dots to put on the back of the mount to cushion shock. This cuts down on the racket considerably, but impacts still tend to jar the bottle loose in its not-very-tight cage.

With other, straighter aerobars, you can probably put this forward enough to keep the back from contacting the stem, but mounting it that far forward may or may not be your preferred position for comfort/handling.

I suspect the Versa Mount from the Versa 200/500 would be better in this regard, as the mount sits higher relative to the aerobars/stem, and attaches to the aerobars with 2 center straps instead of 2 front and 2 rear.


See Fit. You have some latitude to lift the cage relative to the base mount. There some room to move the cage forward/back relative to the base bar, but only if you don't use the optional computer mount. With the computer mount, you need to have the cage mounted as far back on the base as possible.


If you can get this mounted on your bike in a level position without the back of the base or cage contacting the the stem, the Versa 50 could be a very good value.


I didn't like the performance with the included bite valve, but deleting the valve has made it workable. Even without the valve, I've had no leakage. However, I only use the solid lid, so I can't comment on how the quick-refill lid works. I'm still trying to figure a way to keep the bottle more secure.

The Torpedo System 50+ is an affordable, easy-button all-in one BTA system. If it fits your bike well (largely dependent on the shape/length of your aerobars; would seem to work best if you have a long-and-straight-level section from the base bar), you could be a few easy velcro strap attachments away from a BTA that allows you to easily drink without braking aero position.

Cage tension seems insufficient. Older Mini Mount base of the 50+ doesn't fit all aerobars well. Bite valve is fragile, and requires too much suction.

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