Syllable D900MINI Bluetooth 4.1 Music Wireless Headset review

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"The item is a good deal for the price. It's not Bose, but it's also not Bose prices. I would recommend these for most people, but for us folks with small heads and ears, it might not be a great fit.
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It's a little tricky to figure out the advanced features, but mostly there is one thing to press on each earbud, and you press it once to turn it on and once to turn it off, so that part I figured out.


This actually seems very well made, considering it's extremely low price. The buttons don't have a cheap feel to them when pressed.


The right earbud is fine. The left one hurts and won't stay in. They provided three different rubber fittings for different ear shapes and sizes, and this is really a personal problem, I think. I've always had trouble with earbuds fitting correctly. I tried all of the sizes and nothing fits comfortably in my left ear.


Pretty amazing for the low price. It even seems to cancel out ambient noise.


They looks a little weird, but fitting all of that technology in the earbud itself with no wires is pretty amazing, so I should not complain.

These earbuds are wireless. There is only the little ball that sticks in your ear, and that's it. No wires, no extra controls, etc. In that way, it's really easy to manage. The charging case is super sweet and lights up when you have them resting inside it, touching the charging area. The sound quality is decent for such an inexpensive item, and the earbuds even seem to cancel out some ambient noise. I found them good for listening to music and audiobooks while riding indoors on the trainer. I could listen to whatever I choose without bothering anyone else in the house. Allegedly you can do bluetooth phone calls with it, but I did not try that.

Because all of the technology is concentrated inside the earbuds themselves, they are a little heavy and tend to fall out if not nestled in the ear canal perfectly. I tried to wear them running, as an experiment, and could not get the left one to stay in. (I prefer to run with no music so I'm aware of my surroundings anyway, but it would have been nice to use them on the treadmill.) I think my ears are shaped funny, so I'm not blaming the earbuds. However, they are going to be confined to bike trainer use for me.

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