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"This is a fun little gadget that can help improve safety when running or riding at night. I've always used small clip-on lights, but they can rotate around to the opposite side of my leg or belt, if I'm wearing a FuelBelt, and then cars on the other side can't see me. This is nice because the lightup area is very wide and goes all the way around my ankle, so it doesn't matter if it spins around. I wore it for a run in a dense urban area while traveling during the day, and it helped with traffic and even pedestrian traffic people it caught people's eyes and they moved to let me through. The multicolor feature is fun. The battery pack looks bulky when you put it on, but I forgot it about after the first two steps of my run, and didn't remember I was wearing it until I saw the reflection in the elevator.

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Very simple velcro strap. No problems.


Fit my ankle just fine. Could also work on upper arm or, for a larger person, perhaps a wrist.


The small electrical box that makes it function seems a bit bulky when strapping it on, however it is very lightweight.


The light is bright and there are several options, including having it blink through multiple colors.

The light is really fun and eyecatching, which I think helps with safety. People are going to notice a brightly flashing light that changes colors. I wore it on a run and immediately forgot I had it on.

The Velcro strap is not infinitely adjustable, so it won't work as an ankle band for everyone, but it should work on some extremity for everyone, or could be hooked around a toolbag on a bike.

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