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"Great if you use shoes with shoelaces. Great workaround to run in Zwift. Doesn't work to run with Zwift app while listening to music or audiobook or podcast on the same device that is running Zwift."alicefoeller


The process to pair could have a better user interface. It's not necessary to take the item apart to key in the serial number for pairing. But it seems like it is.

I bought this product in order to run on the Zwift app. I already have a Garmin training watch and HRM with run stride analysis, but it works on ANT+ and that isn't compatible with phones or tablets. Since I can't put my laptop on the treadmill at the Y, this seemed like the least expensive solution. It does work. I can put the device on my shoe, shake it a few times, and open the Zwift app and see myself running. The pace is a bit off compared to the treadmill. The run analysis is better and easier to understand and improve compared to Garmin.

I usually run in Vibrams and I had to sew an elastic strap on my shoe to accommodate the footpod, which is designed to go on the shoe laces. The setup could have been a little easier. It was easy to do, but not easy to understand the instructions and the order in which to do them. When I am using the footpod, which uses BlueTooth to communicate with my phone, I cannot listen to music, even using wired headphones. As soon as I play music or an audiobook, my little avatar person inside Zwift stops running and stands still.

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