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"When I swim in open water, I often fear boats will not see me, or I will get a cramp and run into trouble and then panic. Having this inflatable buoy along will be a big comfort. I had to test it in the pool because it's not warm enough to swim outside here. I really liked the dry bag feature. This product was provided free of charge in exchange for this review."alicefoeller


Very bright colors for good visibility in the water.

This open water buoy is designed for safety when swimming outside. You pull it along with you for visibility. Although it's not an approved personal flotation device, it does hold the inflated air and I was able to rest on it and keep my head above water. I did this as a test. I don't know if a heavier person would be able to rely on it for flotation, and the instructions say not to depend on it for that.
The design of the buoy is that it has a section you blow up, and then another section that is a traditional dry bag. This is ingenious. The instructions say not to trust your smartphone in there, but I put a piece of paper in the dry bag section and it was dry as a bone at the end of my swim.

I didn't like how close the buoy was when I was swimming. The belt strap goes around the waist, and there is a short strap that connects with the buoy. That put the buoy right around my hips, which was annoying. I did try making adjustments to have it trail farther behind me, including trying to strap it to my ankle, but I noticed this increased the drag a lot. It was designed to be attached to the waist, so that has the recommended result. I just didn't like feeling it banging against me as I swam.

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