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"I used to only use my Garmin for workouts. The latest generation of the Fenix has everything I need for triathlon and for backpacking, with the added bonus of being a smartwatch. I can receive notifications of texts and calls without pulling out my smartphone in meetings. It's a thing of beauty, and quite functional. I can still create workouts on the web and send them to the watch, like interval runs. The new step counting and sleep analysis features are great. I always felt sad that I had this huge expensive watch, and it couldn't do things a $100 fitbit could do. Now I have the best of both worlds."alicefoeller


Easy to change initial settings and get everything working, although some settings require using the app or the website instead of doing it with the watch. Garmin forums are helpful.


The charging port, charging cable, interchangeable band mechanics and sapphire screen are what I expect from Garmin. Well engineered.


Strap fits my very small wrist. The additional straps are easy to switch out, and all of them fit. The suede strap is really stiff.


It's quite pretty, and I can wear as an everyday watch with a professional job. Much different from the Fenix 2 which was useful but somewhat of an eyesore.

The Fenix 5S is a thing of beauty, and so far quite reliable. It holds a charge such that I can wear it as a smartwatch with Bluetooth notifications from my phone all day, do my workouts, and not need to charge it every day. The interface is easy to use. Being able to customize the watch face with 3rd party designs is just cool.

None yet. Although I used to LOVE my Fenix 2 and then it just started crapping out inexplicably. I have to hope that won't happen with this one. It seems like the software and firmware are better now.

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