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"This unit was provided to me by Compex in exchange for an unbiased review.

When I was first approached to do this review, I was more than a little bit skeptical. After I talked to Brandon at Compex, I was even more skeptical. The claims I was hearing didn't seem to pass "the smell test." I'm happy to say I was wrong. The Compex Sport Elite 2.0 is everything the claims say it is and more.

There is no way I can do justice to the Compex Sport Elite in the limited space available here. I strongly encourage anyone interested to visit their website at and read about EMS and TENS.

The short review is Compex just works!


While the unit came with a "Quick Start Guide" that included guidance on pad placement, there was little information on how to actually use the device during a workout. The website has a number of videos that also cover pad placement and briefly touches on how to use the device, however I still found myself having to do a fair amount of trial and error. After a couple of training sessions I figured it out but the directions could be more clear and provide more detail.


The quality of the unit appears to be excellent. I'd say on a level similar to medical equipment. There was one session where I was doing planks. I typically will set a countdown timer and simply close my eyes, concentrate on form, and wait for the alarm telling me the torture is over. When the alarm went off and I opened my eyes, I saw that I had inadvertently placed the Compex unit directly under my forehead - in the perfect place to catch all the sweat dripping down. All of the buttons had sweat pooled in them. I simply dumped the sweat out and the unit was none the worse for wear. On two different occasions I dropped it off my lap onto the floor from a weight bench with no ill effects. Certainly it stood up to normal wear and tear in a gym environment.


I was concerned the pad adhesive would be "crazy sticky." That isn't the case. While I never have had a pad come loose they are easy to remove when it comes time to remove them. I ended up shaving the areas I was regularly placing the pads to avoid hair accumulating on the pad itself. Once the pads are affixed to the skin you forget they are there until you activate a program.


The unit has ten different programs. Each program has multiple levels. There is a level for everyone. Once you understand how the unit works it's a fairly simple matter to choose the proper program and adjust it to the proper level for your needs.


I've only had the unit for 5-weeks. It's been dropped, kicked, immersed in fluid, and survived in a gym bag. It looks and performs like the day it came out of the box new.


I gave it an excellent rating because the unit does what it claims it does. In 1994 I had a deep vein thrombosis in my right leg that went from my ankle all the way up to my groin. The damage the clot did to the veins in my leg led to permanent discoloration in my leg below the knee. When I spoke with Brandon at Compex, I mentioned the discoloration. He immediately said the Compex could help and walked me though how to use the "Pre Warm-up Program". My first thought was, "Yeah, right." I figured I had nothing to lose so started using it exactly as directed. Now, five weeks later, the discoloration has faded significantly. It's still there, but with each session, it fades just a little bit more.

There's not space here to go through every workout I've done, but I'll walk through an easy workout to give an idea. I have used it during simple strength workouts. One in particular - bicep curls - is representative of what I've experienced. Using a 15 lb. dumb-bell I did isometric curls - raise the weight half-way and hold it there. I had the Compex unit on the "Resistance" program at a level of 7 (just at the verge of being uncomfortable). The workout was 3 x 15 @ 30" work, 2' rest, with 4' between sets. That workout should have been nothing. Without the Compex, it would have been nothing. I wouldn't have felt it and I certainly wouldn't have been sore afterwards. However, with the Compex, it was a stunningly effective workout. While it never felt hard, after I was done, I could barely lift my arms. It felt like I'd done a 2-hour HARD weight session at the gym. At that point, I ran the "Training Recovery" program. I felt better afterwards, although I was still a bit sore. I then ran the "PAIN RELIEF TENS" program and all but eliminated the discomfort.

I've had similar results every time I've used the unit. In my opinion, the Compex Sport Elite 2.0 w/TENS performs as advertised.


The unit look like "a Gadget." It's simple, straightforward and looks like a high-end electronic device.


Brandon was excellent when I first got the device. We spent well over an hour on the phone as he explained the theory behind muscle stimulation.


Absolutely performs as advertised.

The Compex unit has a "Recovery Program" that can flush lactic acid in about 6-minutes. I experienced it first hand so I know it to be true. Beyond optimized recovery, the unit can train your muscles in ways that traditional workouts cannot. You can read more on the website at

The wires are a nuisance - pure and simple. That said, unless you go with the wireless version at a significantly higher price point, the wires are necessary. It doesn't take to long to become accustomed to them, but they are still a nuisance.

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