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"Vibrams are a niche market, but one I am part of. I love running "barefoot" without actually being barefoot. This particular model is a nice blend of minimalism and rugged design, so I felt confident even on packed gravel.

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Vibrams always hold up well, and these are no exception.


I always worry that Five Fingers are so SPECIFIC that maybe they won't fit right, but between their sizing chart and the fact that your toes are free to go where they want, these fit great.


It's always a bit different wearing Vibrams and they are comfortable in many ways, and in some way less so. It's difficult getting them on and off, so they aren't something I just "wear around."


Very good on all surfaces.

I wore these on a run that included pavement and trail running, and it was a rainy period so I ran through knee-high standing water. It was great having shoes that could take anything. They allow a natural, barefoot gait, but protect your feet from most sharp objects. This model seems a little more rugged in that regard than some of the other models. There is more protection on the top of the foot. I also used these to do some outdoor martial arts training, such as doing some kicking and punching work while standing on a fallen log. The fact that the shoes can bend around the log was very helpful!

If you don't know what you're doing, Vibrams can be dangerous and lead to shin splints. I was impressed to see the shoes now ship with a training plan for gradually acclimated to them. I've run in minimalist shoes for years now, so I didn't need to worry, but the Vibram craze ended because people would go from structured Asics to these and go for a five mile run! You can't do that. You need to slowly build up. Wear the Vibrams for only the first short bit of your run, then circle back to the house and change shoes.

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