Naipo Massage Gun Deep Tissue Muscle Massager review

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"This is a great product and a wonderful invention. At times during intense training, there have been areas where I can't get relief from a foam roller because of the angles, and I can't afford to go to a massage therapist every day. There is even a spot in one of the heads of my hamstring that sometime even a massage therapist cannot get to release. This massage gun took some time, but it did give me relief on the most difficult spots. It also can be used for quite awhile without making your hand uncomfortable. In the past I've used another kind of massager that is shaped more like a belt sander, and it vibrates my hand so much it becomes extremely uncomfortable after just a couple of minutes. This massage gun is not like that. I can hold it for a long time and can use it one-handed, which is important for getting at certain spots that are hard to reach."alicefoeller


I thought there would be a complex procedure to change out the various massage heads, but you literally just push them in and pull them out.


Everything seems to be of high quality. I don't have any complaints. I haven't used the product long enough yet to see how it holds up over time.


There are five different shapes of heads to use, as well as five speeds you can use with each one.


Looks very nice and comes in a classy case.

The variability of the different heads in terms of shape and softness is critical. There are some areas of my body, like the IT band and hamstring, where I really need a large surface, a dense and firm head, and the highest vibration setting. In others areas, such as the soles of my feet or my lower back, I want a more specific shaped head and a more gentle touch. This is all possible with the included attachments and the various speed settings.

The charger has a proprietary A/C connector, so you have to keep track of this particular plug, which is too bad. It's always nice when something plugs into a charger I already have, so that the included charger can be an extra, and I can plug it in almost anywhere. That said, it's not a big bulky charger. It just has its own unique connector.

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