The Magic 5 Custom Goggles review

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"Great process, amazing product. I have a very slim face and regular goggles have to be tightened so hard they leave horrible raccoon eyes. I finally found some that sat on my orbital bones instead of inside them, but the lenses were shaped in such a way that my eyeballs would actually TOUCH the front of the lenses. Ugh. So awful. When these arrived I was skeptical because the shape seemed odd and the nose connector was not attached at the midpoint of the lenses, but more toward the top. Whatever they have figured out with custom manufacturing, I'm impressed. Wow."alicefoeller


Ordering the goggles required downloading an app. This was simple. Scanning the face using the app was also pretty simple, but I did it twice.


Very good, although I have only used them a couple of times so far.


You can imagine, the fit is perfect.


I didn't know I'd ever be able to wear goggles "loosely" and have them be waterproof.


I imagined it would cost more than this. I have paid $30 and $40 to get goggles at the sporting goods store that still didn't fit right after 30 minutes of holding different pair up to my face.


They look weird but I suppose that is because my face is shaped ... weirdly. A bit.

Wow, this seemed like a total crazy experiment. So I'm going to pay these people money, I am going to use my own smartphone to do a 3-D scan of my face, send the scan to them, and then they are going to make goggles that fit my face? This is either going to cost $200 or it's not going to work. But in fact it was only $50 and it was a smooth process, didn't take very long at all, came in a nice case and WORKED amazingly.

None that I can think of. Of course you have to wait for them to make the goggles, so it's not like going to the store. And then you really don't want to lose these ones. But the case is nice.

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