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Continental 4 Seasons Grand Prix review

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"These 4 Season tires have 'Duraskin', a polyamide layer to supposedly resist punctures and abrasion. I would rather sacrifice some tire weight for a more durable, flat resistance tire-cause I am slow anyway and have no immediate AG rank aspirations.

I have just changed to Bontrager Race Lite Hard Case with a Kevlar layer to hopefully reduce the frequency of flats on recommendation by the LBS. I was interested in the Continental Gatorskins but couldn't find any locally.


As far as getting them back on the rim when changing flats, they are a little more difficult than the Bontrager Race Lite Hard Case I just bought...unless it just seemed more difficult as the Conti's were the first time I changed a flat! Could be some truth to that....


These are my first race/triathlon tires. Decent.


They fit in the rim decently.


Out of about 300 miles so far, I have had about 4-5 flats. I am used to MTB riding before last year so I never had to change a flat. Road tires are very thin and light in comparison and I hate the ease with which these tires seem to flat. I ride on pavement at a few races (no flats at races so far), pavement to train (3 flats with rocks and maybe glass on one occasion) and on a very smooth, packed trail where, I think, acorns punctured them another time.


Good looking tire.


Too many flats for me.

Looks good. On ideal streets, I am sure they are a great, ligthweight tire. I was running these as 700x23c tires.

Too many flats for my riding-which I don't think is in too bad of areas and is what I consider to be 'normal'.

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