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"My first road bike. Utterly pleased with it and done me proud service for several thousand miles.

Neck pains need investigation, but apart from that, been excellent fit.




Manufacturers wheels apparently unsuited to the, I quote, "larger riders" as I was informed by Sigma. Now I ain't no Chicken Rasmussen but I'm only around 80kg.

Fortunately it's covered in warranty and so Sigma stuck a Mavic Open Pro on the rear wheel after I went through one spoke repair and returned a few weeks later with another broken one.

After that the bike's been excellent.


I was advised on Specialized by the Sigma Sport (Kingston) staff, after an official bike-fitting, as I was a slightly odd shape and so should suit their frames best. However, it was a close call between a 58 with a short stem and a 56 with a long stem.

In the end it was decided (for me, as I was a road bike virgin at the time) that long stem was better as a short would offer less control.

The fit I think has been mostly great with one caveat; after about twenty miles on the road, using the flat of the bars, I get quite excruciating pain at the top of my spine at base of neck, specifically right of middle.

I don't know if I need adjustment but I've tried altering riding position on the bike as it is to little effect.


See above.



Probably survived being smacked by a car better than I did. I needed a new shoulder, the bike just a new wheel.


Average for the componentry.


I think the last year to have the matt-black paint finish. The '06 bike has a high gloss black with some white stripes. Matt black '05 all the way.

Oh yeah, the stuck black tape on mine in the shop, too, as the show model had white bar tape. What a stupid idea that is. I mentioned it and they obviously thought they'd be nice and change it for me. Hoorah.


Sigma at the time were great. I was served by an utterly helpful chap called Leo who even remembered me - by name - when I returned to the shop some months later for some cleaning fluids.

They replaced the wheel with little fuss, though they could've made it black spoke to match the remainder - though not a huge issue as the front needed replacing after a smash anyway.

On subsequent visits to the shop I've found the staff to be unfortunately arrogant and unwilling to help those other than the highest spenders or best informed cycle geeks.

Therefore I've taken my business to the excellent SBR in Windsor.


Always feels soooo smooth after a service. I try to self service but after a couple months the bike just doesn't feel as responsive.

Made to measure using bike-fitting service.
Pretty light for a 'budget' road-bike.
Tiagra groupset with exception of 105 rear dérailleur. None of that Sora.
Wide bars with good tape, comfortable.
Matt black finish.
Black bar tape.

Manufacturer's wheels.

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