Seashore Nature Trail 50k - RunUltra Marathon

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Virginia Beach, Virginia
United States
34F / 1C
Total Time = 5h 46m 7s
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Pre-race routine:

Up at 5:45 to make my oatmeal and get my early morning supporters (Scottie and my sister Stephanie) up and at em. Mom set out my oatmeal supplies the night before and Steph got my coffee started. I dressed in the 5 layers needed to survive the frigid temperature. Then realized we needed to get on the road! 3 humans, 2 dogs piled into my sisters car.

It was about 30 minutes to the park and my support crew needed their coffee! But luckily since this was a really small race (only about 234 racers)I didn't have to worry much about parking and getting to the start.
Event warmup:

Quick walk across the street to the trails and we saw just how small this race was! 3 porta potties and I went ahead and jumped into the short line. Slowly people trickled to the start. I was really cold and didn't realize that I had started to quiver...I am sure nerves had something to do with it too! By the time Scottie wrapped me in his jacket it was tie to line up!
  • 5h 46m 7s
  • 31.07 miles
  • 11m 08s  min/mile

The race starts on the main road which was icey and slushy from the snow on Thursday so everyone took their time making their way up the road. From there we turned onto the trail. Now the trails in Vb are unlike what is in Raleigh, nothing terribly steep but there are some slight inclined that kept you on your toes. there was a good mix of rolling hill trails and a the main flat trail. You were never on one part of the trail for more then 3-4 miles which helped mentally to break up the long distance.

There were 2 aid stations that we hit multiple times but I bypassed the first one as it was only 5 miles in.

I will say even though it was about 34 degrees through most of the race, I was never cold. My toes were pretty frozen for the first mile, felt like I had rocks under my toes but once they warmed up I was good to go. It wasn't windy at all which probably helped too.

I ran around people for the first 12 miles or so, I had a slow and steady pace which was fine with me...I was NOT doing this for time. I was just trying to finish without injury. Once I hit the last trail before the start of the second loop I hot no man's land. I was completely by myself for about 2 was eery but also very peaceful. I hit the aid station and grabbed a PBJ on white bread (delicious!) and went on to lap two. I was feeling pretty good but I would be lying to say I wasn't a little scared about that second lap. I text Scottie I was onto lap 2 and quickly saw my Facebook comment update...he is so good! Around mile 17 or so I noticed I was pretty much alone again so I started the Ipod. I wanted to save it until I really needed it. I hardly ever run with music but I knew mentally I may need something to take my mind off of running for so long. The music really helped and I felt my spirits lift a little and my pace pick up a bit.

Mile 20 came and I was still feeling good, texted Scottie I hit 20 and said I felt good except sore hips but nothing terrible. At some point my feet started to hurt, I have had issues with blisters on the outside of my big toes and I could feel them develop again. My pinky toes were also sore...again something that started during the Richmond Marathon. I tried to push it out of my mind and just focus on the fact that my knee didn't hurt! My ITBS flared up during Richmond and even more so the week after when I ran some single track. I have been working to strengthen my hips to avoid this as well as continue to see my chiropractor. I went in cautiously optimistic as I hadn't had any issues on the last few long runs.

I hit 26 miles in 4:45 which was my marathon time at OBX! i chuckled at that but knew the last 5 miles were gonna be a doozey. I texted Scottie and said I would see him at the finish line. From that point on it was nose to the grindstone. I tried to stay focused and not feel all of the aches and pains. I moved to a walk/run method just because my feet were screaming. I hit mile 27 and the last aid station, I picked up my last PBJ square and the 8 yr old volunteer let me know I had 4 miles left... 'I can do 4 miles" I said and then the older gentleman beside me reminded me I had already run 27! So I thanked them all and set out for my last 4 miles.

I distinctly remember mile 28 being the hardest, I no longer wanted to run so I just walked. I power walked for probably 3/4 of a mile until I snapped out of it and realized the fast I move forward the faster I would be done. So I started running again. At mile 29.5 my friend Brad called and said he was with a bunch of our other friends and they were trying to guess what mile I was on (I spoke to them 2 prior times on the run) at this point I was taking a walk break (I am sure my fellow runners through I was nuts but I needed that mental boost!) so he passed the phone around and I got lots of well wishes. After hanging up with him I was ready to be done so I started running. Then I got a text from Scottie asking if I was close (he estimated I was going faster then I really was!) and I let him know I was almost at 30. Just after that i it the road and was told I had less then a mile. I was NOT stopping until I hit that finish line so I trotted along, trying not to look half dead.

Then I saw the turn into the parking lot and almost burst into tears, I turned left and start towards the finish...with my parents, sister and Scottie all waving and cheering! I crossed the finish line and immediately hands went to knees. I was done...I had done it!
What would you do differently?:

Better shoes?
Post race
Warm down:

The great thing about a small race is that your family can easily find you! I got a thermal sheet, a medal, hat and paper weight then saw the fam. They were all smiles and so proud of me. I found the Gatorade and quickly guzzled it. I tried to stay on top of my hydration through the run but I know I could probably use more. We didn't stay around too long because it was cold and I instantly felt it once I stopped. We walked back to the car and I changed into warm clothes before heading for a celebration lunch of mexican food and beer!

Event comments:

This was an awesome race. The race director had to deal with weather issues again this year (last year it was a nor'easter this year it was snow 2 days previously) and at one point we thought he would have to cancel the race but luckily the race stayed on and without any course changes. The volunteers were amazing! Very gracious and accommodating. The only downside was that the only port potty on the course was the one that is there year was pretty nasty but then again I saw many people duck into the woods to take care of business. Plus I am sure logistically it wasn't really viable to bring in more.

As I sit here still pretty sore (but luckily not injured!) I would like to tackle this distance again but not sure when. I think I need some downtime and then focus on Shamrock marathon in March...but I am pretty darn proud of myself!

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05:46:07 | 31.07 miles | 11m 08s  min/mile
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Course: One mile at the beginning and end on a road otherwise all trails
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