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Race Reports for Santa Barbara Triathlon - Long Course 2008

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  • Comments: Lots of great stuff about this race. It's a small local race, but very popular and lots of people racing. So lots of traffic, drafting, etc. Road surfaces are also frankly dangerous in a couple spots. But it's the most beautiful So Cal course I think. Compared to last year's race: Swim 2007 - 26:39 2008 - 24:38 Bike 2007 - 1:56:06 2008 - 1:49:01 Run 2007 - 1:47:10 2008 - 1:31:50 I am very pleased, my run in my last two tris, an Oly and this, were very strong, consistent, and negative split. Still my weakest event, but getting better!
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