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Race Reports for Ragnar Relay Great River 2013

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  • Comments: This is a pretty well run Ragnar. There are mistakes in the materials here and there, and I wished I'd known about the gravel. Even if it was just the day before, I would have brought different shoes! The major bummer is no normal post-race food at the finish. It's hard for Van 2 because we have to rush so much to get to the finish line, so we AND our last runner, could really use bottles of water, bananas, etc, normal post race items. We were given pizza and beer, all other beverages were already sold out. In the future, if I'm in Van 2, I would pack a special bag of snacks and drinks to bring to the finish line with something for each runner to enjoy. I am super fine with the pizza and beer, but not everyone can tolerate that (certainly not our runner with Celiac!), and even so it's really limited.
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